YouTube Live Stream Views Instant Start - 30 minutes
$ 60.00 / 1000
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YouTube Live Stream Views Instant Start - 30 minutes

$ 60.00 / 1000

Over the past 3 years, live stream has become one of the most popular content formats. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and even LinkedIn have the option of live-videos. And Twitch is created especially for people fascinated with watching game streams.

Users spend 3x more time watching live videos. And social media influencers make live streams 50% more than in 2019.

Such a feature allows people to broadcast webinars, vlogs and video games from their display or camera. It’s a great option to interact with an audience and thereby promote the channel. Since streams have a higher chance of ranking well on searches compared to uploaded videos.

YouTube live streams

On you can buy viewers for your live stream. These are live stream views from real YouTube users. It means that they may interact with your content, like or dislike your video and leave comments. And of course, there is no need to disable video ads.

Price: $60 per 1000 views  

Advantages of Live Stream views

Brand awareness

Live Stream is a great tool to increase brand awareness.In addition to the fact that your followers will get notified when you go live, you can also count on better ranking on the news feed.


Live-streaming allows you to engage with your audience in real-time. Users can join a direct conversation with you, leave comments. It is like personal communication with each user.

Influencers can use it for vlogs, answers to questions. Businesses can offer webinars, presentations, and office tours. 

New opportunities

Since you communicate with your audience in real time, you can add different new opportunities to the broadcast. For example, experts can share insights on a particular topic based on the questions they receive during the stream.

The stream format has become popular for musicians and actors. They give viewers a peek behind the scenes, show a shooting process. Such videos are gaining millions of views.



If you have a mobile phone or computer with a camera, then using streaming services will cost you absolutely nothing. Since you don't need to spend a lot of time on post-production, i.e. search for a soundtrack, insert intro video and use different effects. You can create content while saving time and money. This allows people to stream playing video games for several hours every day. 

In case you have any questions, please contact your personal manager or live-chat support. We’re here to help you 24/7.

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